Time Paintings (Singapore Heartlands)

Flags at Selegie, 2016. All Rights Reserved.

Flags at Selegie, 2016

Flags put up during the National Day period.

The majority of Singaporeans live in public housing, or HDB (Housing Development Board) flats. I, too, lived out at least 10 years of my life in different HDB apartments. HDB blocks are monolithic cuboid slabs, sometimes with patterned walls.

At first glance, the HDB blocks look monotonous and imposing. Look closer, and you can see adaptations by people living within which give the apartments character as the blocks get lived in.

Living in such high density housing means that wide swaths of the sky is often not viewable. But nevertheless, sunsets can still get quite interesting as the lighting changes.

Rochor Centre Sunrise, 2013

Rochor Centre Sunset, 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Rochor Centre Sunset, 2015

Building Blocks Sunset, 2016. All Rights Reserved.

Building Blocks Sunset, 2016

Redhill Sunset, All Rights Reserved.

Redhill Sunset

HDB Rainbow Sunset, 2014. All Rights Reserved.

HDB Rainbow Sunset, 2014

HDB Sunset 01

Potong Pasir Sunset, 2013. All Rights Reserved.

Potong Pasir Sunset

Tiong Bahru HDB Sunset

Rain tree in the heartlands, All Rights Reserved.

Rain tree in the heartlands