This is Rochor.
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This piece accurately captures the activity of Rochor Centre for me. It was a bustling center of residential and commercial activity, and is now a mere shadow of its old self. This is because it is going to make way for a highway, which, frankly sounds absurd when the government is trying to encourage Singapore to go Car-Lite.

Rochor Centre has a special place for me because I've spent numerous lunchtimes there (where someone can get a sizeable lunch for less than $4), and I've discovered quite a few shops which sell things I never thought I would need. I've looked for many things from locks to plastic sleeve for my art prints at Rochor Centre.

Rochor Centre has a strong colour identity from the yellow, blue, green, red apartment blocks to the brown checkered floor of the commercial region below. The colours of the complex have fascinated me along with the sheer amount of human activity that went on in the place especially on weekends. The vibrance and colours of the complex are what I hope to have captured in this piece.

The first artwork I made of Rochor is the Panography version(see below, center). The viewpoint is different but there is definitely some similarity in technique between that and the interactive one you see above. Panographies are playing with the forms of the subject. An assemblage of images overlapping, almost but not precisely gives the impression of the overall form of the four buildings in bold color and the distinctive tiling of the floor within the complex.

But in the above artwork, I've also incorporated the passage of time. This can be seen in my earlier works "Time is a Dimension" (TIAD: see below, left). Instead of the time slices I work with in TIAD, I incorporate the idea into the patchwork structure of panography. Thus you can see the transition of time from noon to dusk from the left to the right.

Similarly, Temporal Chiaroscuro (see below, right) is a series in which I've experimented with the ideas of colours and shapes. The art piece above also deals with similar themes of deconstructing an image into the elements of color, and form, albeit in the manner which references its digital origins.

Time is a Dimension Panography Temporal Chiaroscuro