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Playrannosaurus Rex, All Rights Reserved.

This is part of a series of whimsical images I’ve made, mainly for my kids – 2 boys who are absolutely crazy about dinosaurs! I was looking at a bunch of dinosaur toys we have at home and wondered what would they do if they came alive – and so this series was born. I’ve already given the first prints of this series to my kids, and they seem to like it pretty much.

Perhaps you too, can look at my images and wonder what dinosaurs will make of our world today, especially if they are toy sized!

Desert Bones

While this T Rex may have gotten the meal for now, what can it eat next in this harsh desert?


Facing Off

A barren landscape where plants have thorns instead of leaves. Harsh lands, harsh times – Two fearsome predators, the T Rex and the Spinosaurus face off. There can only be one.


Danger Lurks

Watch out Stegosaurus…. that looks like a Spinosaurus getting ready to pounce.



I’ve always liked the triceratops – it seems to be a dinosaur with cool features (3 horns!) and yet it is a herbivore, and may have pretty much minded its own business. And so I wonder what this particular one is thinking as I photographed it amidst some leaves.

This particular toy was one of the first dinos my son had – he still plays with it.



Even Dinos love a day at the beach now and then, wouldn’t you think? But somehow I think this little dino prefers the sand to the sea.


Playrannasaurus Rex

And so this shows the ever popular T Rex – lit up by a shaft of light while standing its ground!