black and white


150 150 fqwimages

This series is titled “Inversion”, which are essentially long exposures made at night, and then converted to B&W before finally being inverted in Photoshop. I like the outcome which reminds me of painting with black ink.

Inversion #03

A view from the jetty at the Woodlands Waterfront. Personally I am drawn to the reflections in the water – which are like ink bleeds. There is just a tiny wisp of smoke from the smoke stacks visible.


Inversion #02

This exposure was made in the Woodlands Waterfront, Singapore. It was an extremely windy night and I was wondering if my tripod was stable enough for the exposure. It shows a jetty where plenty of couples like to use for their dates.


Inversion #01

This image was taken at Labrador Park, Singapore. This is the original image which gave me the idea of inversion to bring out the smoke streams from the smoke stacks. The tiny black blobs are actually lights of an industrial estate across the body of water.