Potpourri, Singapore.
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This is a collage of a place in Singapore's Little India. Little India is an incredible place of visual, olfactory and audio potpourri. Potpourri means a collection of different things. It is an apt title for this piece of work I've made because Indian culture tends to be a medley of different colours, fragrances and taste. On top of that, in Singapore, cultures sit side by side and intersect fascinatingly in different fashions.

The colourful landmark shown is the residence of Tan Teng Niah, a Chinese villa which is a part of Little India. The original villa was not this colourful- it was actually whitewashed. Houses may be more or less permanent fixtures, but they too have a life adapting to the environment.

This latest incarnation of the villa shows how the landmark has evolved to incorporate the potpourri of colours that is typical of Indian culture. My interpretation of this scene during a typical bustling weekend evening shows the intensity of colour and activity that Little India is famous for.