Network of Life

Jurong West St 71

The vast majority of Singaporeans live, work, study and play in urban environments. Yet, we are also called a green city because we have a preoccupation to have greenery within our built-up areas.

Greenery and flowerage is soothing and comforting, because the colours of plants represent life. This is why people also keep potted plants and gardens. Seeing life around us makes us feel better.

Somewhere near Jurong West St 42

At the same time, life is not isolated. Life needs to be connected to flourish. And there is something we as humans have excelled at with regards to connectivity. An idea that we have used to amplify connectivity is the network. There are many important networks in our society. We have the electricity network, waterworks network, road and rail networks, to name a few. Networks have the advantage of being resilient because of they have multiple points of support, or nodes.

Somewhere near Jurong West Ave 5

In these artworks, the colours of plants and flowers which symbolise life melt into threads of colour that branch out into strands, following the forms of the neighbouring HDB flats and structures, as if a network of life is arising from the leaves and petals. In some of the pieces, you might find a resemblance to circuit diagrams and even similarities to light bulbs!

Somewhere near Jurong West St 62

These artworks reflect on the twin ideas of life and connectivity, using the flora and the HDB neighbourhood to remind us that to be connected is a fundamental quality of life.

Somewhere near Jurong West Ave 4

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