Flowing Flora

Flowers have informed our concept of colours (red as a rose, for example). In turn, we have used pigments and looked to flowers for inspiration in making art. It is unsurprising that there is a subset of photography which is devoted to flowers. The colors and forms of flowers have inspired humanity for ages.

Bougainvillea Streamers

In this series, I imagine what it will be like if flowers and leaves melted into paint? What would it be like if the link between flowers and paint was direct rather than circuitous?

A robust stroke recalling the resilience of the heliconia flower. Splashes of vivid hues bursting from roses. The boldness of the ginger flower alluded to by a assertive paint stroke. The flow of a calla flower against a leaf.

These are my starting impressions of a few flowers in this ongoing series. The digital medium also allows me to give depth to the paint strokes, creating a new form which is neither ‘traditional’ photography nor painting.

I’m fascinated by the possibilities of melding paint, digital photography and flora. Further explorations are planned, so stay tuned.

Bird's Nest Graffiti

Money Plant Graffiti

Green Waterfall

The artworks will be available as limited edition prints. Leave your contact here and I’ll email you when prints are ready for purchase.