Floral Portraits

I have always been chasing this idea of completeness in my art. While making my Exploded Flowers series, an idea began forming in my head that to show the completeness of a flower, I should try to show the stem, the leaves and the buds of the flower as well, maybe in different stages.

As I embarked on this series, I realised that different plants do have different aesthetics. The tulip truly lives up to its reputation for sensual curves, and flowers like Roses and Matthiola tend to pop.

Award Winning Floral Portraits

These 5 art pieces have been placed first in the 2013 International Photography Awards, in the category Nature:Flowers.

Peonies, 2013

IPA 2013 1st Place-Gold

Asters, 2013

Matthiola, 2013

Roses, 2013. All Rights Reserved.

Roses, 2013

Tulips, 2013

Other Floral Portraits

Lilies, 2013

Eustomas, 2013

Untitled, 2013