Explorations in Digital Collage

This is Rochor, All Rights Reserved.

A collage is an assemblage of visual components, and it is a technique which I employ in this set of pieces. Usually collages are made from individual elements taken from multiple unrelated sources, but for these artworks all the elements are made by myself. The usual collages we are familiar with are clever juxtapositions of material from disparate sources. My collages are related to my other series investigating the nature of time – the source material are all made by me except during different times of the day. You may find these artworks to be similar to panographies (some of mine can be viewed here) which are a subset of collages.

The individual components of these digital collages range from the photographic stills I have taken, to the digital coloured pixellated blots which I make.

Toa Payoh Dragon Playground, All Rights Reserved.

The collage of the scenes break apart into pure colour blocks (that are typical of digital artforms) but still take their references from the real world. Colours of significance in this series are selected from the stills (such as the colours of the housing apartment blocks in “This is Rochor”, and the striking orange of the “Toa Payoh Dragon Playground”), and abstracted into colourful pixellated blots, intersecting the real world with the digital one.

I have also started thinking about the possibilities of an art piece which can exist in both virtual and real worlds, and yet take advantage of the characteristics of each. These artworks are borne of such an intent.

This set of artworks are made with the internet user in mind – the internet is a responsive medium behind to a screen. Such a medium is one which is virtual, meaning the usual laws of physics need not apply once we get past the screen. With these ideas in mind, I set about making something anyone who has access to the Internet and a browser can access, and play around with.

What you see on this particular webpage are representative of still prints like a traditional collage. But in the virtual world, there can be a deeper level of interaction once we do away with the usual physical restrictions. Follow the links below each collage to see the interactive versions (may take a short while to load)! The floating panels and the coloured blots come alive in the virtual version in a manner which cannot be possible in a normal collage. (kudos to parallax.js)

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