Artist Statement (and about myself)

I am fascinated with the intersections. Intersections are places where boundaries break down, and these are areas where really interesting things happen. Boundaries are comfortable and static. Intersections are troublesome, but nevertheless worth exploring. In particular, I am interested in the intersections of the sciences, art and technology.

A result of this fascination is that I use a very technological medium (digital photography) to make art. In turn, the art I make do not fit comfortably into the traditional classifications of art. Photographic galleries call my work paintings, while traditional galleries specialising in paintings call my work photographs.

For me, what does it matter as long as I can show that scientific ideas like space-time can be beautiful (as in my Time Paintings), or that anatomy can teach us to look closely at beauty (as in my series Exploded Flowers).

Broadly, I think of art as “making special“. I try to “make special” via the medium of photography. I strive to make images which touches both the feeling part and the thinking part of your mind. My art seeks to get your attention (the feeling part) and hopefully engage you on a deeper level as you look at it for longer (the thinking part).

I suppose the duality I seek (of feeling and thinking) also directs me to focus on the intersections of the art, sciences and technology as mentioned above.

I have been using photography as a medium for more than 10 years, and am now actively involved in the print making process to achieve my final vision for my art. Regarding photography, I feel that the print is still the end point of the artistic process. Although screen resolutions and color rendering are improving by the day, the lack of standard calibration is an impedance between the audience and the artist. A print removes all the variables in color and resolution.

I’m constantly looking out to bring my art for viewing in print form – so if you are a publisher, curator etc, do get in touch with me!

Selected Exhibitions:

Group- Part of Art Next Door exhibition, Titian Budaya at PUBLIKA mall, WHITE BOX. (November 2015-Dec 2015). Organised by Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, Singapore and supported by Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Malaysia; National Arts Council, Singapore; People Association, Singapore; Singapore Tourism Board; High Commission of the Republic of Singapore in Kuala Lumpur.

Time is a Dimension exhibition at the Institute for the Future Gallery, Palo Alto, California, USA. (Aug 2015-Sept 2015)

Solo- Brush Strokes of Nature in National Museum of Singapore, 2013 (Singapore Fringe Festival)

Group- Finalist Exhibition for France + Singapore Photographic Arts Award 2012.



1st Place: International Photography Awards 2013, Category Nature:Flowers (Floral Portraits)

2nd Place: International Photography Awards 2012, Category Nature:Flowers (Exploded Flowers)

Finalist: France + Singapore Photographic Arts Award 2012.

Honorable Mention: International Photography Awards 2011 (Old Singapore playgrounds)

Honorable Mention: International Photography Awards 2006


Selected Publications:


Index Books: Flower Power

LAB magazine, issue 5. – includes link to PDF.

Mental Floss November 2013, page 59

LianHe ZaoBao (Singapore) – Article on Old Singapore Playgrounds

Flush Magazine #10

Fah Thai Magazine (Magazine of Bangkok Airways) November 2013

The Singapore Memory Project – link to PDF (Old Singapore Playgrounds)



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